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Desperate NOM head (the Half Million $ Man) Brian Brown setting himself up for total failure at this year's #MarriageMarch #ByeByeBrian

John Parkinson Dehlin posted a document today from an LDS church workgroup. That document is imaged below. It contains a link to the website which describes being gay as "unwanted same sex attraction." The website also contains links to known hate groups, manuals in Spanish describing conversion therapy, and text that is focused on overcoming homosexuality. Is there was a direct connection between the website and the Mormon Church? was designed by ON their homepage they have an image of the same sex attraction webpage they designed. Century publishing has this contact info: E-mail / Correo electrónico General inquiries: Mailing address P O Box 11307 Salt Lake City UT 84147 This PO Box belongs to the president of Century Publishing, Larry Richman This is his full time employment. Mr. Larry Richman L Director, Priesthood and Family Department The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints HQ Phone: (801) 240-1000 How much pain will this latest Mormon Church act cause LGBT Mormons? How many more suicides? Thanks for sharing these documents. Keep 'em coming: