Californians Against Hate in the News — A Lot

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Wanna get caught up on all that has been happening with Californians Against Hate over the past several weeks? Simply click on the links below for world-wide coverage of our effort to draw attention to the major funders to the Yes on California’s Proposition 8 campaign.


KPIX – CBS San Francisco —
San Diego Cha 6 (and click on the video of the Boycott) –


Wall Street Journal —

San Diego Union-Tribune —

San Diego Union-Tribune —

Sign ON San Diego —

Contra Costa Times —!4B284F802E60547F!3628.entry

Bay Area Reporter —


GLT Guest Commentary —


On Top Magazine —

PR Week —


Huffington Post —

Morbid Symptoms —

Silobreaker –

The Scoop —

Queers United —

Ray’s List —

DRN News —


Box Turtle Bulletin —

Good As You —

Joe My God —


Pink News Co UK —

Good as You —

GLBT News —

CUNY Law Blog —

Gay News Blog —


German Blog —

To Form a More Perfect Union —

Straight Talk on Marriage —

San Diego City Beat —

California Gay Marriage Blog —



Gay Agenda — —

Marriage Equality —

California Majority Report —

San Francisco Bay Times —


Venkey the Blogger —

Lavender Newswire





Protect Marriage Equality —



Gay News Blog —

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Rights Equal Rights (formerly Californians Against Hate) was founded in July 2008, just after Proposition 8 qualified for the November 4th ballot. We wanted to draw attention to the major donors to the Yes on 8 campaign. These opponents of same-sex marriage spent over $2 million just to qualify this constitutional amendment to take away our newly acquired freedom to marry. If these individuals, businesses, and organizations are so adamant in their desire to turn back the clock and take away our civil rights, then the gay community, our families and our friends will fight back

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  1. yeson8donors Posted on September 21, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    You folks ought to take a look at You’re missing a large connection among the donors.

  2. Nelson G. Posted on September 29, 2008 at 6:46 pm

    though this post is old, you really downplayed that kpix piece on randal mack in more ways than one.

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