Take Action Today to "Dump RIck Warren"

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Thanks to our friends at No Rick Warren at the Obama Inauguration, her are some action items for you to help Dump Rick Warren:

1. Call on President-elect Obama to restore our trust and take real action on equality!http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/campaign/positivechange?rk=Dpd3TLsawPqTE2. Take action on the pick of Rick Warren for Obama’s invocation: http://jointheimpact.com/2008/12/rick-warren-what-can-you-do/

3. Send Obama a letter at http://change.gov/page/content/contact/ and ask Rick Warren to be removed from the event!

4. Email Parag Mehta, Obama’s LGBT liaison on the transition team at parag.mehta@ptt.gov to express your concern.5. Emmett Belivau is the Executive Director/CEO of the Inaugural Committee. Let him know your thoughts:202-203-1715 emmett@pic2009.org

6. Have your voice to be heard and send emails to the members of Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, including
Sen. Dianne Feinsteinhttp://feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=ContactUs.EmailMe
Sen. Harry Reidhttp://reid.senate.gov/contact/index.cfm
Sen. Bob Bennetthttp://bennett.senate.gov/contact/email_form.cfm
Rep. Nancy Pelosihttp://speaker.house.gov/contact/
Rep. Steny Hoyerhttp://hoyer.house.gov/contact/email.asp
Rep. John Boehnerhttp://johnboehner.house.gov/Contact/

7. Post your letters on the discussion board. Let the whole world know why are you disappointed and outraged!8. Ask your friends and family members to do the same.

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Rights Equal Rights (formerly Californians Against Hate) was founded in July 2008, just after Proposition 8 qualified for the November 4th ballot. We wanted to draw attention to the major donors to the Yes on 8 campaign. These opponents of same-sex marriage spent over $2 million just to qualify this constitutional amendment to take away our newly acquired freedom to marry. If these individuals, businesses, and organizations are so adamant in their desire to turn back the clock and take away our civil rights, then the gay community, our families and our friends will fight back

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